The Old Jelly Rollers are a musical collective who encompass the raucous, joyful spirit of the birthplace of jazz. They are bound to get your feet shuffling with their full 7 piece line up of some of London’s finest young musicians! The band is lead by up-and-coming songstress Louise Balkwill, named by multi-award winning singer Liane Carroll as a singer to listen out for. Come and move to the beat of the streets of New Orleans!

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“So, what’s up?”

We’re glad you asked! In February 2017, we embarked on an adventure to New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, to learn the city’s secret to maintaining such a magical and strong jazz culture, even 100 years after the first ever jazz recording.

“Woah, what next?”

We are currently working on developing an educational resource, along with workshops aimed at a variety of age brackets to encourage the same creative, collaborative and fun loving culture in schools and communities across the UK. Our goal is to protect traditional jazz heritage for years to come and to share the music that we love with listeners and learners everywhere!

“Anything to look forward to in the near future?”

Absolutely! Keep an eye out for new chapters in Preservation Hall interview series. Each part is brimming with priceless words of wisdom from Leroy Jones, Freddie Lonzo, Joe Lastie and Louis Ford (four of NOLA’s most celebrated musicians).

Click on the links below to read the transcripts so far.

~ The Preservation Hall Interviews ~

  Part 1  •  Part 2  •  Part  3 •  Part 4  •  Part 5  •

We’ll also be posting regular updates and educational resources to our blog and will be returning to the studio to make our first music video in the Summer of 2017.

Thank you for your continuing support!

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